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My soul
danneДата: Вторник, 01.01.08, 2:47 AM | Сообщение # 1
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My name is Danne, and i am from Sweden. I have some fantasyes, and i will give what ever for this things... You belive Satan will give me this things, if i sale my soul to him ??? And i have many guestions to you friends. Hope you understand English.. Love you. Danne

Добавлено (28.12.07, 5:00 Am)
One more thing i will tell you ;* - I LOVE RUSSIA !!! ozin mala bonimaju Ruski : ( Izvinite

Добавлено (28.12.07, 4:19 Pm)
OK. I promise Satan, that--> If he give me skinny sweet girls every day,tv, and real girls too, and much money soon.- You friends, who love Satan, are my wittness,. If Satan give me this things, i sale my soul to him today. Dear Satan, and You who is his friends, help me. Love you. Danne

Добавлено (01.01.08, 2:47 Am)
ha,ha,ha,haaaaa.... Joke with you ... Satan is a big joke.... bye..bye

Hi friends : ) I will sale my soul to Satan. How can i do that ? I wish he give me something, what is my fantasy. You belive he will do that for me, if i sale my soul ? Cheers danne
Форум » Общение » Приватные топики » My soul (Hi friends ; ))
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